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Pizza Pide is a Turkish style made qourmet pide which is pizza alike. Our restaurant is located right at the corner of Gerrad St. East & Pape Avenue. Our special made pide by our skilled chefs will take your taste buds on a journey that you have never been before...

If you're looking for a delicious pizza that's very reasonably priced, then this a place you should definitely try out.


  • What people say...

    • Pizza Pide is considered the cities best spot to fill up on Turkish Pizza and features traditional Turkish Pizza offerings served with lemon wedge, hot peppers, pickles, tomatoes, onions and parsley. The Turkish crust is so delicately thin, glazed with an egg wash sheen and topped with fresh ingredients. A middle eastern kick bound to take you on a trip.
    • A friend went to Turkey on a trip, came back looking for turkish food, and found Pizza Pide. He took me one day, and I'm hooked on this! Less greasy than a traditional pizza! I would highly reco. the #18 because you can try all the different toppings in one! i think its so good!
    • Thx to the reviews we went (hubby & son) yesterday. We actually got their 3 topping xlrg pizza. It was absolutely delicious! Best pizza I've had after such a long time! The Turkish sausage is fantastic & the pizza itself loaded with flavor. It's not greasy at all & the taste is light and delectable. I recommend this place 100%.

Why is it so good?

Fresh Dough

There is a good reason why our food taste amazing and that is because we ensure to use freshly made dough with quality flour and other fresh ingredients.

Quality Cheese

Cheese is one the main ingredients that adds a lot to a pide. There is a wide variety of cheese options including mozzeralla, feta, cheddar...

Good Meat

We have a wide variety of meat selection including beef, ground beef, pulled beef, turkish sausage, salami, pepporoni...

Fresh Veggies

We always use freshly picked veggies so you can enjoy a good combination of cheese & veggies as well.

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